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Hi everybody. I edit and design websites on my Imac in office using RW8. I am building a site which will have a blog page and would be updated periodically. I was wondering if blog page can be updated on an ipad or from another remote computer which dose not have RW software installed?

Not unless you are using something like Total CMS or other type services.

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Check out Poster Stack and its Online Editing capabilities:



Hi @instacks, I totally missed this and will check this out!

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You need to be shouting out about this @instacks :loudspeaker:. HUGE new feature!! Have just been trying it out and it works great!!


I totally agree with Stuart @habitualshaker, you should make a new post announcement about this new feature. I didn’t know anything about it either.

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Thanks Doug. The screen caster in me is always late in creating a tutorial video :wink:

Finally 🔥 Poster Stack Update - Online Editing


Thank you all, I’ll try it.

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