Poster stack take separate from the main RW file


Right now I have the RW file (test file) with a page create for Poster. BUT
Can I duplicate the RW file, eliminate all the other page form one and keep only the page of Poster and then the person in charge of blogging can just work on that file? … so will not mess the other pages?

Today I cannot function and think how to do it.

Yes, this should be able to work.

I guess something like the following:
Give blogging person RW file with pages locked from edit except poster page
Blogging person edits poster page.
Export site locally
FTP upload blogging page only to live host.

If you were just to give them a RW file with only the poster page, how would that work with navigation to non existent pages. I suspect all the nav links would be removed.

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you could build an offsite menu system to the rest of the site so all or the menu system would work.

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Don’t forget there is the possibility of online text blogging:

After finishing the current product I am working on, I will give Poster Stack it’s long awaited online editor :slightly_smiling_face:


Please please - instant buy with online editor (foolproof for clients) - any chance on a timeline for that?
Thanks @instacks Jannis

thanks I will take a look the options. and online editor sound perfect!!

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Sometime between now and 180 days :crossed_fingers:

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