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I was looking around to embed a pdf that I have on my google drive. So I used the iframe code and replaced FILE-URL with the sharig URL that I got of my drive. However, it first gave me an error (an empty frame) and now it is giving me a soup of letters. Any idea what I should do? I am using RW vanilla without Stacks

Get Stacks!!! Save yourself lots of headaches.
Then get @joeworkman PDF Embed stack.

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Without seeing the code or a URL to what you have done, it’s impossible to say.

I took instuctions from Embed Google Docs document and PDF files within your web page – Web Notes and Ramblings

ok, so I put a placeholder pdf for now on my Drive. URL is https://drive.google.com/file/d/1N3QV30sBLjY4w2ewSK6t3mmiW9HRuWDo/view?usp=sharing Everybody with the link can see it.

Then I replaced FILE-URL (see below) with the google drive link. But that does not give me a result.

Can’t see the code in your post. Need to see it to help.

When you post code on the forum you need to mark it as pre-formatted text </>.

<iframe src="https://docs.google.com/viewer?embedded=true&url=FILE_URL" style="width: 100%; height: 400px; border: none;"></iframe>

The instructions you are following show this update

Update 20180820:
The following link does not work any more. BUT the methods below do! Do not go to this address just follow the instructions.
The document viewer https://docs.google.com/viewer (link is bad now, but the instructions below work…) has two parameters:

So the iframe viewer the code you’re showing doesn’t work any longer.

Ok, I thought that referred to the pdf he had linked. I think the easiest will be to have the pdf as a file on my website. With a size of 145kb, I don’t think I will run into bandwidth exceeded messages.

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