Embed Slac*k into a Stacks page?

Has anyone embedded Slac*k into a Stacks page? (actually I guess this is more about embedding an external web page into a Stacks page)

Can anyone recommend the best way to do this?

Maybe your first try with an iFrame?

Nope, iframe doesn’t seem to work - have tried raw iFrame page and also the S4S Embed stack, both show the same - nothing.

I can’t see anything in their developer doc’s or API that suggests you can embed Slac*k into a webpage. It’s quite an advanced system (like Skype) so doesn’t really have a web interface as such. Part of the issue is that I think you have to create an account and login to a group before you can use it. Perhaps the free ChatStack might be a better alternative?

Refused to display ‘…’ in a frame because it set ‘X-Frame-Options’ to ‘SAMEORIGIN’.
Slac*k does not allow that.

And why does Discourse display the word Slack not correctly? :wink: