Embedding ECWID Buy Nows into IVY 2

I’m adding “buy now” embed codes into IVY 2 accordion stack in to my kids music page from ECWID.
On the ECWID page it doesn’t say I can’t use more than once, and I’m sure I have else where.
Any suggestions to make this work? Currently only the album is displaying when opened. I’ve used IVY elsewhere for my policies page, so I don’t think it clashes with the theme.
Thank you

It may be you can’t use them inside an accordion. Take some out of Ivy2 if they display OK then you’ll know for sure.

Ah… Thank you.
I tested it with one embedded into the accordion and all was well so I added 31 more. I’ve just tested 3 embeds outside of the accordion and only one will display. That’s a challenge then! It was a nice looking solution too. The solution I had before used Poster and didn’t work so well.
Coffee o’clock :slight_smile:

Sounds like it is something to do with the way the embeds work? Have you tried a ‘grid’ stack? That might show them neatly across device sizes.

Or reduce the number of products/variations to reduce the number of embeds.

Yeah… the page isn’t happy with me using multiple embeds.
I took another look at what I was trying to do and instead of trying to make it all smaller, I’ve gone the other way with an individual page for each song theme with the lyrics and videos much easier to see.
I tried all sorts of layouts using Poster but none that I felt would work for teachers. I’ve ended up with 18 extra pages of unique content, which isn’t a bad thing.
Hopefully I’ll get a few extra sales, but I’ll be satisfied with extra traffic.
I guess I’d be receptive to a more compact player that can have 32 tracks plus links to other pages, but I’ll see if this works first.
Thank you for all your input.

Don’t know if these sets of stacks would be worth looking at? I believe a version 2 is due out soon


Paul, have you used these Axyn stacks? I’m planning on using Ecwid for a cart and it’s a small product site with just a few SKU’s, mainly because the docs said it’d be possible to do a buy now button outside of the cart. I’d looked at the site for them but they don’t look to have seen any updates in a while, and there isn’t much in terms of docs available on them. I’m a little gun-shy as to how they’d work inside foundry.

Fortunately I don’t have any of the complications Tim does with the music player, although I will be using Joe’s Agent stacks to noodle out if the client is on an iOS or Mac platform to ascertain if I can show conditional AR content which launches an AR viewer on click to show the product in the end user’s environment. I’m hoping that won’t interfere with an embedded Ecwid buy now button.

I sent them a raft of questions on stacks V4 / RW8 / Foundry compatibility but haven’t heard anything back yet.

Hi Mark,

I haven’t used them, as the ECWID max product for the free plan was 10 and the numbers of things for sale (cars) fluctuated between 6-12 and wasn’t sure if the extra features of the paid plan was worth it in this use case.

@RicardoR who sells the ECWID stacks, is usually quite responsive to any questions, so probably best to ask him directly if they will work for your setup.


Thanks Paul… I didn’t think to ping him and had no idea what his username was, but have submitted questions via the website. It’s entirely possible he may have a real life and not look at this stuff on weekends. LOL. Thanks for the reply though.

Hi Paul,
Yes, I’ve looked at these stacks a number of times in the past. I’ve so far been able to create all I want with code from the site itself, such as the search box. The only remaining thing to address is clean URLs, which they may apparently help with. Part of me doesn’t feel like paying extra for those given I’m already paying for the Business plan.

Hi Mark,
I had to start on the venture level as I had the 32 songs you’ve seen on that songs page to sell. I soon found more items to sell simply as I had the capacity to do so. I’m not familiar with your market but I guess you could also sell accessories, or sell via ebay and Instagram, staff accounts, abandoned cart emails…? You do get more feature as you move up a tier.
The icing on the cake for me is that Printful syncs with ECWID, so I can pretty much sell any digital or physical products worldwide with those two and RapidWeaver.
My songs page is specific to my market, but if you check out the Wall Art and Gift Store pages it’s more conventional. It’s a mirror of my Etsy store too.
You can do a fair bit with ECWID is what I’m saying lol


Thanks for that. Are you selling through Etsy or just linking to your RW store on Etsy?

I’m a tad hesitant to sell through Etsy or Amazon / Ebay / FB marketplace as then I’d have to file for sales tax #'s in all the states which is a huge PITA. From all I’ve researched doing e-commerce only, I only have to file for state sales tax #'s in states where the site has sold to 200 customers within a given state (this varies a little bit from state to state but for the most part it tends to be 200 sales). It’d be far easier just to track sales and file in the states as needed once the threshold was passed.

Who are you using for your payment processor?

And on the RW front, yeah I’m going with Ecwid for a couple reasons, they supply what appears to be a fairly easy means to do a buy it now button on a page outside of the cart which is a plus, I don’t need a ton of product skus (the line currently consists of 3 major products with 2 “sizes” each although that will grow), and I’m not having to deal with a lot of shipping stuff as the stuff all pretty much weighs the same and will ship in one box size. After some research for the stuff I"m shipping, shippo has the best rates and I can bulk load shipping orders via a CSV file which can be downloaded from Ecwid and fairly easily massaged via macro to get it into Shippo’s format.

How big of an issue is the clean URLs? I’m thinking such I have so few skus, and can do a BIN button per product that I probably won’t even be using the cart per se as it’s highly unlikely that folks will be buying multiple skus’ at once. I’ll have it there as an option but am anticipating most will buy picking one of them and buying that, and as a result I probably won’t be using their generated URLS outside of the under the hook button links, unless I’m missing something.

And being as you’re already further down this road than I am at this point - what are you using for your backend processor?

Mine’s probably going to be relatively low volume at first, so I’ll let Ecwid’s stuff handle the order emails and just manually pull the order data down, do the CSV push to shippo and probably build something in FileMaker Pro to handle CRM side of things.

I’m using Joe’s Agent stuff to figure out which browser / platform / etc in order to bring up AR stuff for the phones and pads that can handle it, (let me see this thing in my yard), and to let them download a USDZ on platforms that can’t natively do the full AR in camera stuff.

Hi Mark,

• Physical goods I push from Printful to ECWID/RapidWeaver, ebay, and Etsy. Digital goods I upload direct to Ecwid/Rapidweaver and Etsy. It’s not so many clicks as it sounds.
• Yeah taxes are a PIA, but those settings are in Ecwid and once set up, much like shipping, you’re good to go. You can’t really sell online these days without paying taxes… just set aside a couple of weekends to set it up. You do have to work to earn the money :slight_smile: Most e-commerce platforms have all the forms and guides you need, or indeed will handle it all for you.
• Payment processors - can’t remember them all but as many as possible lol. It’s a matter of ticking boxes in Ecwid and providing addresses to banks. I sell to America, Asia, China, Russia I think… grander than it sounds but as many countries as I could.
• You’ve mentioned shipping, nice, but returns will be bigger pain so factor those costs in and have very clear returns policies.
• Backend processor? Not sure what you mean. Ecwid does handles stuff like thumbnails, descriptions etc. Can you elaborate?
• CSV, Filemaker pro, etc… try and keep it as simple as possible. Use the minimum software.
• Clean URLs. Google likes these apparently. I haven’t sorted that yet as I’m still trying to make Google Merchant happy.
• Etsy/Ebay/Insta/Amazon… these are all a very different amount of time to set up with varying criteria. You’ll do well if you can get those all running for Xmas. Amazon and Insta most likely not.
• “AR stuff for the phones and pads that can handle it…” it might depend on your market but safe to assume your customers internet will not be as fast as yours. Keep it simple.

Hope that helps. I’ve a free print on the Wall Art page if you want to try out my cart.

Thank you - Tim


Thanks for the info.

My stuff is very much a niche market, and as a result will be a Pinterest Etsy thing. I’ll do a facebook page and twitter / instagram just to cover the bases but have them all link back to the site for purchasing.

Already have the Texas Sale & Use tax set up. I hear ya on the other states and will get there, just need to get up and running.

What I meant by back end was automated emails, shipping and stuff like that. I know ecwid does the basics, and if you pony up for a subscription you can edit the templates and whatnot, but the entire product line is literally 6 SKU’s and if I can keep it under $10 I can use the free account for now. Being as I was laid off due to covid back in April (long story but my entire industry sorta collapse due to it), keeping costs under control wherever possible is a good thing. I’ll want to offline the shipping as while Ecwid can do the shipping label printing and all that their shipping costs are almost double what I can get for shipping rates elsewhere. That adds up fast when shipping goes from $13 to $21 on a $90 product.

I’m probably not going to see a lot of returns as these things when sold literally get concreted into the ground, but I’ve already got a pretty clear return policy. Essentially they can only return it if they haven’t done anything with it. It’s one of these products that if you bought it, you bought it.

The AR stuff is optional, and won’t even be shown for devices that can’t handle it. It’s a fairly small download to get the models (like 4-6mb) and everybody it’s been demo’d to have been completely blown away. I’ve had a number of folks say that’s the coolest thing they’ve ever seen on a website, as most of them have never encountered it before. And it’s ideal for this as they get to see more or less exactly what it’s going to look like in their own yard. About half the folks I’ve showed it to said they’d buy one just off the AR experience alone. I get a lot of “how the hell do you do that?” type reactions.

Even on my ancient iPhone 6S (which is literally the oldest phone that can do it) and on my low budget Mint / (tMobile under the hood) it’s maybe a 10 second load, and if you don’t click on it the only hit is the 80kbyte placeholder graphic.

I’m constantly checking the entire site on my wife’s even more ancient iPhone 6 and thus far everything works pretty well with very acceptable load times, the sites actually a lot faster than most of the site’s she visits (and grumbles about).

I’ll get to the SEO stuff, I’ve sat through all the tutorials here, read all the stuff on sites like Neal Patel’s and others. It won’t take a lot to get there as I only have 2 competitors and the are so utterly clueless about web stuff that unless you know their exact URL Google can’t even find it.

I’m going to be doing free shipping (sat through all the seminars on 70% of abandoned carts are due to shipping price sticker shock and all that) and as I only have 6 skus, and there’s only 2 sizes (one’s a foot longer) I only will need 2 size shipping boxes.

I guess I’m fortunate in that you have a LOT more SKU’s, orders with multiple products, and a pretty hefty variety of product types to deal with.

Mine’s a very targeted vertical with only 2 competitors and my spin on the product itself is a good differentiator, and I’ve tooled up my own production machinery so I can build them in a fraction of the time it takes them to make them with a lot less steps. Nice thing about Etsy is you get to see how many they’re selling and they’re selling a lot. Will see…

But thanks a lot for taking the time to write up a detailed reply. You’ve got an interesting market nice with your stuff.


Sounds good!

My partner and I sell online using different platforms (Ecwid, Etsy, eBay, Mercari and others). Normally the these platforms take care of all your sales tax reporting, so you don’t have to.

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