SOLVED- All content publishing to sidebar

On a few of my pages the body content is publishing to the sidebar-- even though everything looks normal in edit mode. please help- i have a first page placement on google and am losing business every day as a result of this error.

you can see the error by going to the url pasted below the pic but it wouldn’t let me post two pics because i’m new

anybody? I emailed last week and have no reply… I need help because my business is suffering as a result. Can someone please help?

I can’t see the problem you are describing. The body content is not in the sidebar when I view the URL you provided. I clicked on other pages in your site and they all look the same as the one that you said is a problem (?)

Same here…

ah yes my apologies, as a stop gap measure i had a friend go into the hosting and edit the html from there… but now i can’t update or make any changes to the site without overriding the changes… so i have to fix the problem… here’s a screenshot of what was happening before we edited the code… the problem in rapid weaver remains and is evident in the preview in rapid weaver

to be clear, it still appears like that in rapid weaver

I know it’s not intentional, but the screenshots aren’t helping much. I think your original description was the body content was being pushed into the sidebar. But in your latest screenshot I only see the sidebar content as intended (along with a blank main area).

It really is hard for folks to help without an example. Is there one page (a “lesser” page perhaps) that you could publish again so we could actually see the problem? Or perhaps duplicate a page, rename, publish and send us the link.

In addition I know you are using Stacks but I have no idea what specific stack(s) you are using on the page in question. Within RW it’s possible to also show the name of specific stacks used. That may help give a clue to what’s going on (or not).

Sorry about that- is that better?

So yes the body content is blank, the sidebar is publishing correctly at the top, and then if you scroll to the bottom of the sidebar all the body content is there in a narrow column… I just updated stacks and RW is already up to date-- Version 7.0.4 (17842)… Not sure how to check what version stacks is but it’s updated

Regarding publishing a duplicate page-- I cannot publish any changes to my website until the problem is fixed because it will overwrite the existing html changes my friend made as a stop gap measure… I have a ton of updates I need to make but I can’t publish without undoing those changes… Another reason I could really use help in resolving this. I emailed Realmac two weeks ago with no response…

You a can make a test page and just publish that page not the whole site

how do i make/publish a test page?

you can duplicate one of your problem pages set the directory in the page inspector, right click on the page name and publish just that page.

Thank you! Here is the test page link.

Sorry for the delay, not sure how I didn’t see these replies sooner…

Very strange.
The first thing I would try is unchecking consolidate css under settings , advanced. Then republish.

If you have any custom css or code (site wide or on the page) turn that off as well and see if you can find what is breaking the stylesheet.

If that doesn’t do it I would ask the theme developer for help.

This was a problem with a code in the sidebar that said “div” instead of “span” in the google snippet. Thank you to Jan for taking the time to look at my site and to all of you for your help, time, and suggestions!


Just as an aside, you might consider updating to a new theme - L’Amour’s great but it isn’t responsive and over time, that’s going to hinder your standing in Google’s search results.


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