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I want to make an event calendar with expandable content like an accordion or other available, stylish event stacks like Ultra List or Events. Each event has a date or date range and there are about 30-40 events per year. At Ultra List I like the tags and the search function.

If I make a title, description, date range and free places in each event, I want to be able to manage the text and free places with a CMS like Armadillo. I already have Armadillo. But it can also be something else, if Armadillo is less suitable for it.

Thank you for your suggestions!

I have seen quite a few users leverage Total CMS for event listing. Each event is a blog post. You can then filter the events with tags and categories.

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I was also thinking about doing this with a blog. But I’m not sure if it can be displayed compact enough, like with Ultra List or something.

Do you have examples for event lists with Total CMS?

I’ve used Easy CMS with an accordion stack so the client can change the accordion headings and the content inside each one. Works fine, so if the Weavium stack lets you enter text directly into the stack anywhere, it ought to work.

What about this the Events stack from 1LD Evens

I don’t want to share the URL because its not my site and its still a work in progress. But here is an event list made with Total CMS.

Thank you for all your answers.

You mean the Accordion stack in Foundry?

Then you simply enter as many records as you have events and then add each record to each event in Accordion? Or how should I imagine that?

Maybe that could work with @nimblehost Armadillo together with each event stack.

Sorry, I tell a lie. It’s actually Ivy, one of Adam’s earlier, pre-Foundry stacks. Having had a quick look at the Foundry accordion stack it also lets you type directly into the accordion tabs and content so you can use Easy CMS macros.

Not sure how you’d handle new events though because I can’t think of a way to create a new accordion tab and related content from within Easy CMS - only edit ones you’ve already set up.


WebYep CMS supports toggles. There is an example published here:

I have seen people make the toggle heading the name of the event and its date. Then you click the heading to reveal the details for the event.

When you are logged-into the website to make edits, you can change the order of the toggles and add or remove them without needing RapidWeaver.

If each toggle was placed inside a WebYep ‘timed content’ then you could also potentially set them to hide after the event is finished too.

Should work fine with both the free and premium versions of WebYep.

I’d not seen WebYep before. Being able to add new ‘elements’ is really useful.


Try it! :slight_smile:
I love Webyep and use it since 2007 (and with RW since 2011) !!! :+1:
Wills WY-stack ist great and works fine (and he normally answers to questions/problems - if needed - very fast)!

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Go CMS can do this using it’s blog stack. All editable by the client directly on the web page.
Makes life easier on the designer. :wink:


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