Ever thought about developing stacks?

#New Doobox apps to aid the development of stacks

Have you ever thought about developing your own stacks?
Do you know HTML and CSS? jQuery is a Bonus!

If you can answer “Yes” to those questions, then you may well be interested in a couple of new applications we have developed.

The first is called Stack Developer.
As the name suggests, it will generate a stack in a way that makes it as easy as it has ever been to get started. You choose the things you want the stack to include from a simple interface, hit “Build”, install into Rapidweaver, and start adding your own code.
Note: There is still a fairly tall learning curve associated with creating a finished article from the skeleton stack the app will generate for you. You still have to add your code to tell the stack what to display. But if you are fairly proficient in the languages mentioned above, and willing to study and learn the official Stacks plugin API, Stack Developer will put you in good stead.

Find out more about Stack Developer on the product page here.

The second is called Stack Icon.
Again, as the name suggests, this application will produce a complete set of icons named and sized as the Stacks plugin requires. The folder full of icons produced is ready to simply drop into your stack’s own resources folder.

Find out more about Stack Icon on the product page here.

Coming Soon
We have already started working on a third application to round out the developer set. This one is called Stack Updater, and as the name suggests, it will manage the process of issuing auto stack updates via Sparkle straight to your stacks customers.


Well done! That looks pretty cool (albeit way over my head/skill level).

just in time for my stacks projects I am about to start developing

I wish those solutions were around when I started developing Stack.

I remember – long time ago – requesting a Stack, and Gary (before he started Doobox) replied with a solution… Mr. Doobox also developed a Stacks icon app I – today – use all the time.

When I started I took out 3 full days + a weekend to learn how to build Stacks… if only… :slight_smile: