Exciting - new Wordpress stack

(Chet) #22

I’ve heard it both ways. Seach Engine ranking always has been, and will likely continue to be, a bit of a black box. Notwithstanding, that article is a really good read!

I’d say the duplicate content is a more dangerous threat if people come across your spartan WP blog instead of your fleshed out RW site (the one that you’re really trying to drive traffic to). By implementing the “Hidden” option in WP privacy, it’s another positive step in working towards search engines serving the site that you want visitors to find.

Again, excellent stack. Can’t say it enough.

(Steve Jenkins) #23

How many blog post will there be on page? Is this set Wordpress.com?

(Yabdab) #24

@jenkman It is set to show 10 posts per page. When more than 10 posts are shown, the stack will dynamically add Next / Previous buttons at the bottom.

(Yabdab) #25

@chet What if we added a setting to the WordPress stack to only show “private” posts. That way they are included in RW site, but not shown in parent WP install. This setting would be optional of course.

(Jan Fuellemann) #26

That is what I would need tight now. A client needs a blog which is only visible on RW, but not on WordPress. Great!

(Chet) #27

It seems like that would work as well.

(Andrew Goodman) #28

What happens with Comments on this Wordpress stack? Are they possible?


(Yabdab) #29

At this time, interaction back and forth is not possible. Only public data can be pulled. No comments.

If the stack does well, then I will decide if I want to tackle OAUTH so it is more interactive.

The only issue there is, it is not very user friendly to set that up. :expressionless:

(Matthias Ficht) #30

Maybe a setting for how many blog posts are shown before the Next / Previous buttons appear at the bottom. Would make it a little more flexible.
I’m very happy with this stack, especially because we now have a dead-easy integration of WordPress Blog and Pages again, since Nilrogs plugin WP-Blog isn’t developed any more (http://nilrogsplace.se/plugins/wpblog/) and this stack is much easier to setup…! :slight_smile:

(Jan Fuellemann) #31

Yes, I would like to e.g show only 5 posts or so. This setting would be great as well.

(Butternut Squash) #32

About a year ago, there was significant discussion on this forum regarding the potential for hacking and corruption inherent in a Wordpress site. Wondering, therefore, what the implications are of porting a WP page over to a RW website via this stack.

Can the “infection” be contagious?

(Barrie McDermid) #34

I have heard that this is to do with any site that uses databases, but that wordpress is a bigger target. I’m sure someone cleverer than I will chime in with more detail.

(...) #35

Most sites were hacked thanks to poorly secured extensions, but half of WordPress sites and many more of the lesser-hacked web site types were hosed thanks to an un-patched content management system

Gravity Forms, TimThumb, and RevSlider were the most at-risk WordPress extensions.

source: https://www.theregister.co.uk/2016/09/23/safe_browsing_checks_fail_as_16000_wordpress_sites_hacked_this_year/

(...) #36

Point of entry for most hacks was a vulnerable plugin, not the CMS core

source: http://news.softpedia.com/news/a-quarter-of-all-hacked-wordpress-sites-can-be-attributed-to-three-plugins-504240.shtml

(...) #37

Based on our data, the three CMS platforms most being affected are WordPress, Joomla! and Magento. This does not imply these platforms are more or less secure than others.

In most instances, the compromises analyzed had little, if anything, to do with the core of the CMS application itself, but more with improper deployment, configuration, and overall maintenance by the webmasters and their hosts.

source: https://sucuri.net/website-security/website-hacked-report

(Yabdab) #38

It is not a “port”. It pulls info that is publicly available from Wordpress and displays it. in RW page. There is no way to submit or post anything to Wordpress via the server side stack code or otherwise.

I do not think you have anything to worry about :slight_smile:

(Yabdab) #39

I will add a setting in 1.0.1 that allows you to set the number of posts to be shown per page. Thanks for the feedback .:slight_smile:

(LJ) #40

It’s an interesting question. We recently took over 20 odd Wordpress and Joomla sites that had been built by a pr agency but not properly supported, and the degree of hacking, malware, rogue scripts and so on was staggering. It only really occurs because of failure to update the installation and/or plug-ins on a regular basis. This degree of attention is our main issue with Woprdpress and we have to charge around £300pa just to keep a regular site hosted and up to date, plus the cost of annual licenses for some plug-ins! Whether the corruption would spread somehow to a RW interface site I don’t know but would likewise be interested to find out.

(...) #41

Bottom line, the hacking typically happens on old code or poorly protected plugins. Since logically the only thing the WordPress Stack would be used for is a blog or page it would not be a big risk. Most forms can and should be done in RW. Some membership forms could be done in WP but as always do your research for great solutions first. No doubt asking in the WP forums or even here in RW forums will give you good answers for save options. Keep WP up to date with ALL security fixes, check with @yabdab for compatibility BEFORE updating, and all should be peachy! :wink:

(Yabdab) #42

@chet Looks like we cannot display private or draft posts after all. Not in this iteration of the stack. Asking WP for posts with a status or private or draft requires authentication. This is not possible in the stack. Maybe one day it will, but not for a bit.
Just thought you should know.