Exciting - new Wordpress stack

(Yabdab) #43

Make sure to grab version 1.0.1. It has some bug fixes and a couple new settings.

(Jan Fuellemann) #44

@yabdab There is still a bug. When you select to display the full post, the title is a link. When you click the link, you see the same full post again on a dedicated page. This is somehow annoying, but I do not want to disable Titles altogether. Can you have a look to see if you can disable these links for full posts?


Jan Fuellemann

(Yabdab) #45

Please submit a support ticket ( support-at-yabdab-dot-coom ) with details and someone will be in touch.


(Judson) #46

Which gives the most features in RapidWeaver via this stack…a Wordpress hosted site or a Wordpress install on your own server? Also, do you have the option to follow posts via the RapidWeaver Wordpress stack?

(...) #48

Is there something Armadillo cannot do that you need?
If not – then the philosophy of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” is the best source of action. Or inaction as the case may be.