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Hi everyone. Is there a way to use RapidWeaver to change/enhance an existing website? I have forgotten how to make changes to my website. Instructions were given to me a few years back when I first had my website created. The company that created it for me is no longer in business. I like RapidWeaver and feel it will make my website much better than it is now. Any advice? Thanks in advance.

When I don’t have access to the source files that were used to create the website with a non-RW product, I use SiteSucker to download everything from the live site so I can use it when recreating the site using RW.

Is there an easy way, not really, you will be starting again from scratch :slight_smile:

What’s your website address?

It’s youngberglaw.com

Thank you.


Robert A. Youngberg
Attorney & Counselor at Law
1389 Center Drive, #200
Park City, UT 84098
Office: (435) 649-4740
Mobile: (435) 901-1583

Rapidweaver will cover requirements to replicate that website very quickly without any need to purchase any stacks or themes. You should get a good layout from the built in themes and just a few colour changes and upgraded images.

do you the details for your web server such as FTP login etc?

Thank you, Nick.

“do you the details for your web server such as FTP login etc?”

I don’t think I do. That puts me in trouble, doesn’t it? But I’ll keep
at it with the resources I have. I’m sure someone somewhere should have
what I need to login.



Gary, thank you. Very helpful.


It makes it a little harder. It looks lick your domain name may have been registered here: www.enom.com

If that name rings any bells for you or you have account details for eNom then you may be in luck.

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