How Do I Download My ONLY COPY Of MY Website?

(Mark) #1

Hello All…
I have a rapidweaver website which my ex used to update for me, but like I said my ‘ex’, and I have no idea how to use the RapidWeaver software, and the ONLY COPY of my website is online, but I need to get a copy of it onto my computer! Is there a way of doing this please? :slight_smile: Thanks… Maark


You can download the site by simply accessing the server with an FTP client assuming you have the login details otherwise you will need something like sitesucker. Your problem after that however is that you won’t have the original project file used by Rapidweaver, so you would only be able to make any changes by hand coding I imagine but perhaps somebody more knowledgable can advise. There may be a way around this that I am not aware of.

(Mark) #3

Thanks ever so much for your time… I have located the files using an ftp software, so can now download the site and get it fixed up! :slight_smile: