Exit Intent pop up stack

Hello Team,
Is anyone aware of an exit intent pop up stack(or something similar) ?

I need a pop up that occurs only when the person on my site is about to leave i.e. moves the cursor to close the page or towards the back button.

Ideally the pop up could be used for a call to action, offer discounts, free gifts, or request email addresses.
Thank you for you for your assistance.


You can try Call To Action by Joe Workman

Or this one: https://rwextras.com/exitintent/ appropriately named “Exit Intent”.

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Hello team,
Thank you for such a quick response. I have just purchased “Exit intent” by Will Woodgate at rwextras.com/exitintent/.
It is awesome and does exactly what I require.

Just one more thing though (sorry I know this may seem elementary ), does any one know the html code I can past in it to generate a form for email sign ups (and how to set it up)?

Thank you.


I would imagine the easiest way would be to drop Doobox’ HTML Contact Form stack into Exit Intent.


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Hi team,
I tried Doobox’s HTML contact form stack and it worked :slight_smile:
You guys rock.
Problem solved.
Thank you .

I have the exit intent stack working with a contact form. Is there anyway to integrate Getresponse into rapidweaver?
Thank you.

I’d suggest you start by taking a look at https://connect.getresponse.com/page/4?_ga=1.193858148.854822552.1484829148

Seems to be plenty of integration opportunities so I’d be surprised if there isn’t a way to make it work smoothly with RW7.


Thank you for that .