Facebook not recognising domain?

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I have an issue here and I cannot for the life of me figure it out so I thought that I had better sign up and ask the experts. I’ll bet it has a simple solution but I am not a code person.

This is the sequence of events:

I duplicate a template/file of a previous site that I create with Rapidweaver 7on the laptop.

I rename this file and then open it up on Rapidweaver. Then I simply alter the contents/design and the publishing details as required for the new site.

I publish this new site. All is published perfectly.

BUT then we hit a problem. This has never happened before to any of the multitude of sites I have created. When I type in the domain of this new site to Facebook it displays the correct domain but underneath this it displays the original name of the original template file that I use.
So if the new site is say www.HELLO.com then this is displayed but with HOME: OLD FILE underneath instead of HOME: HELLO. See picture for the site and the facebook display of the domain. The correct ‘Reiki’ site domain is on display above but with completely wrong ‘Home Adam John Sharp’ beneath. Which was the site belonging to that original template file for ages ago. All other sites I have published even yesterday do not have this problem with Facebook.

It is infuriating as Rapidweaver has only done this out of the blue today. All the other sites have no issues on Facebook whatsoever.

SO how do I fix this would you suggest? Most Grateful to you all!!


Facebook gets its information from og tags and by scraping the content.
If the site still has the og tags from the original that is what Facebook will find first

Also Facebook only scrapes and updates this info slowly but you can use the Facebook developers tools to force Facebook to do a rescrape.

On mobile now so I can’t easily give a link but you can search and find it easy.

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Thank You very much indeed - I will get too it and let you know.

Hello! All repaired! Very grateful THANK YOU

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