Facebook post integration: recommendation

in the past I have tried a lot of approaches to integrate the posts of a FB profile or FB page into websites I made for clients. The main reason to do so is that it enables them to create new content on their websites just by maintaining their FB pages. In order words: avoiding double work.
I have tried every stack that’s around and somehow they all failed. The best one I had was SocialStream by RapidIdeas but even that has recently ceased to work, because FB obviously keeps changing its API and the stack developers either don’t bother or get lost in the wild (like RapidIdeas some time ago).
I did a lot of research and testing with the multiple commercial services that offer the linkage and finally found sociablekit.com, which

  • I really like regarding options to set things up
  • offers a huge flexibility in adjusting the design so that the posts don’t look amateur-like (even seamless integration without people getting aware that this is a FB post is possible)
  • has a simple and easy to use interface
  • and a really brilliant, responsive customer service. I had a few questions first, which were immediately answered in the chat. Then I noticed a few little bugs or missing details (wrong translation, non-european date format etc.) and these were taken up very fast and with good follow-up communication.
    sociablekit.com is not free. You get a 7 day trial and then need to decide which plan you want, starting from $15 a month. The more connections you want to use, the bigger the plan needs to be and there are plenty of them.
    What’s nice is that you can use connections from multiple different FB pages to multiple different websites in one account, so I can get a bigger package and resell the single connections to my customers. Usually I try to avoid that because I want to sell my own work rather than services I purchase, but in this field there are few services that are affordable enough if you just want to link one FB page and one website.
    The connections can be very specific: you can create a video wall on your website with just the videos posted on your FB page or FB profile. Or just one particular photo album. Or a specific Instagram hash tag. Or a Youtube playlist (ok, there are good stacks for that available as well). Or your Google Business page.
    Really good stuff. And I can only underline: the service is excellent.
    I am not affiliated with Sociablekit in any way and I get no promotion fees. I’m just happy about that solution and would like to see it become more popular.
    Check them out: https://sociablekit.com

That’s useful to know - I’m very interested and will be trialing. Thanks for sharing

Agreed…Thanks for that. Very interesting service, and appreciate you sharing your personal experience with them.

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