Still can't update Stacks from RW

I wish someone would fix this, or tell me how I get this to work. It’s been going on for a very long time. I know the workaround is to go to Yourhead’s site and download the latest version from there, but updating within RW should work. If it can’t work, then there should be a message saying there’s an update for Stacks, go to the Yourhead site and download it from there instead of this happening.

What version of RW are you running?

8.5.1 Mac


Yes, that looks the same as my RW setup, but the Stacks 4 update went without a hitch.

Yourhead has confirmed that some users have this problem. I’m asking for help making it work. Their solution is to get the update from their site. I want it to work inside RW. They say it’s out of their control. Some issue with RW.

Hello Bruce,

If it’s going on for a long time, it just might be a file permissions problem.
I occasionally have these kind of problems (also at least one time in RW) and the fix always is to correct file permissions.

Try this:
In RapidWeaver go to Reveal Addons Folder in the RapidWeaver menu item.
The Finder will open a Window and show the Addons.
To see the current permissions of the entire Addons Folder, select the Addons Folder and Go up one level (Command -↑) (Command - Arrow Up)
Then Get Info (Command -I) from the Addons Folder
The lower part of the window will show something similar to the one below (my language is Dutch)


Click on the padlock and enter your password. Then Click on the Gear icon and select the line with ‘enclosed items’ (or similar)


Confirm that you want to change the owner, group ectetera and wait for the Finder to finish the operation.
Depending on the number of items, it could take a few minutes.

If you did not already update the Stack plugin manually, try again from within RapidWeaver and let us know the Result.

When I had these kind of problems I never had to restart. The fix was immediately.

I made the permissions changes. I already did the “manual” update to Stacks, so I will need to wait until the next update to test. Thanks.

you can always download a previous version from here: Stacks and then run the update over and over to find the magic ingredient to get it working.

since RW itself performs the upgrade to each plugin like Stacks, you may want to ask Realmac if they have any advice for specific things you should try or specific error info that you could look for to help to diagnose and correct the problem. there may be some pertinent console logs or error messages that might give the guesswork a bit more direction. :smiley:

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