Stacks update failure on 8.1.5

Is this a known bug:

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It worked fine for me with 8.1.5.

You can also redownload the stacks plugin from YourHead site and install manually.

Thanks, Doug; Yes, that’s what I did. Just wanted to alert others that there may be a bug :slight_smile:.

Your screenshot tells me a lot, especially that you’re trying to update a plugin with a project that relies on said plugin open!!!

People, please please PLEASE stop updating plugins and stacks with an active project open.
Think of it like brain surgery, do you want to operate on someone whilst they are under anaesthetic or whilst they are awake and driving a car at 100mph with you sitting in the back seat without a seatbelt.

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Thanks for pointing out that this is no longer advisable: I’ve always done it that way in the past… (I think!) :slight_smile: .

Unless the update is failing for everyone, then plugin updates are a function of RapidWeaver and I think they should be reported to @dan. The plugin updater is part of RapidWeaver and other than making the update available I don’t have a any of control over failures like these, know why they occur, or have any way to fix them.

Feature request #1 for @dan: It would be very nice for users (and developers who often have to field this question) if this window gave us some indication of what the problem is so that users could fix or work around the problem and get things back to working.

Feature request #2 for @dan: It sounds like this is probably causing issues – I can imagine it might. When the user moves their addons folder RW asks the user to close all their open documents – perhaps that would be a good way to go for plugin updates too?
At a minimum I think preventing users from making changes or saving documents after a plugin update seems essential.

Thanks, Isaiah - if it’s of any help at all, this is only the second time this has happened (in my case), which leads me to think it may be something specific to the version of RW which I was using at the time (8.1.5).

We can always go to the YH site and download and install manually. But, just as it’s convenient to be able to update stacks themselves from within Stacks, so it is for add ons from within RW.

It could be a new variant, that’s for sure. But I know I’ve been answering support questions about nearly identical issues for years.

And, I should point out that I really don’t mind helping people out with this issue at all – even though it’s not really my issue.

I’d much rather just help folks than have to pass this back to Realmac. But when error messages are this generic I’ve got nothin’ – I pretty much have to send folks to another email customer support queue. No one likes that. :frowning:

This issue is sometimes caused by a download getting corrupted on route, the plugin file being locked (maybe it’s being synced or backed-up), or a malformed xml feed.

Anyway, we’ll look at adding more detailed reports into a future build to help narrow down what’s causing the issue.

In the meantime, if you get another message like this, just do a manual download and install directly from the developer’s website.

Hope that helps.


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perfect. thanks Dan. :pray: :slightly_smiling_face:

BTW… you can always grab the latest version of Stacks by clicking the big Download button on the Stacks page.

And, fun fact. Our URLs are set up so they’re really easy to guess.

Our Hompage is just our name with .com on the end.

Add a product name and you go right to that product:

Add the world download and that’s exactly what it does:

Come on, that’s pretty cool, right!? :sunglasses:


Hey guys,

I’d just like to add that the plugin updates are not installed until RapidWeaver relaunches. They’re downloaded to another folder and moved in place during the next launch before any documents open.



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