File Structure Rapidweaver 8.xx

Hello all,

I have moved from an iMac to a MacBook Pro and have used the google drive, then an unlimited google drive, then back to iCloud and have my file structure all messed up. My addon folder is not found, and when I try to locate it and copy it over it fails.
Does anyone know what the file structure is and can I simply try to find the files and copy to the correct location. I cannot find any stacks etc. What can I do to get my files back into the correct places?
Where is the Stacks folder supposed to be?
Where is the Themes folder supposed to be?
Where is the “addons” folder supposed to be?

I even tried to remove and reinstall the program but it picks up the old structure.


Maybe that’ll help.

Where the file structure says Group Containers>98xxxx…rapidweaver does that rapidweaver end in rapidweaver8>…

I have


Of course version 8. You asked about that.

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