Filezilla to replace RW Publishing

Should I give up on RW for publishing my website and use something like Filezilla? Getting frustrated with RW not able to connect to my server.

What is your problem with RW? I publish all my projects within RW for years.

It has been working fine for the last 3 weeks then started unable to connect to my server. A.ll same issues as this thread FTP Publishing Problems

Okay, what are the requirements of your web hoster?

Do they really need FTP? I can not see the FAQ answers on their site, because I don’t have the Flash Plugin installed on my computer…

I am not sure what I need all I know is that RW is not doing the job of publishing my site to the server.

try using as the server address.

Same thing thanks for exploring this for me:

Does the browse button work for you now? Remove the content from the Path field and fill in a /
Now click the browse button. Does it work?

Eureka!!! I just changed the mode from extended passive to Passive and it worked. Been using extended all along not sure why the change was needed. I thought I tried that. Guess it was a spurious interrupt :slight_smile: Thanks for all your help

Good to hear that is is working for you. :slight_smile: The key was using ftp. in the server address.
Have fun with using RW!

I removed the ftp so it seems that it was the passive mode, unless me just trying the ftp triggered something. Thanks

RW publishing has never been that reliable. I get fails all the time. I use Transmit instead.

It does work very nice for me for years, publishing sites every day.

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Clearly people’s experiences are different. Glad it works for you, Jochen.

An addendum to my publishing issue, I thought I solved it by switching from extended Passive mode to Passive mode. However just spoke with the host and they had made changes at their end. The issue was to do with provisions on the server, They had to change the size limit. Thanks for all the help and hope this solution helps others


With the slow internet we have her in Bolivia, I gave up on uploading with RW 9 years ago when I started. Filezilla works great.

Hi @flmcl
Just a piece of advice from the paranoid: NEVER EVER post an unanonymized login window that shows the server-name, username and/or Path as this will give all the required ingredients to a black hat for a brute force attack on your webspace/Website.
Delete the screenshot and paint over those fields before reposting it.
Also, make sure that there is some security from your webhoster as to how many unsuccessful logins are allowed before access is denied for a set time.
As a first precaution, change your password to a REALLY REALLY long sequence of letters (32+).

With the information you provided here and with a password that’s not strong enough, a brute force can reveal access and cause damage in a reasonably short timeframe.
Sorry to ruin your day…


If you’re worried about security then stop using FTP!! Make the switch to SFTP now, if the hosting company doesn’t support a secure process then change host.

FTP sends all credentials including password in the clear.

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Part of my workflow includes exporting to a local folder (because it’s super fast) and then using Yummy FTP watcher to automatically upload changes to that folder to the server.

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