Firefox displaying extra content ares as huge/oversized

Hi Guys,
I’m using Rapid Weaver 5 and Have the latest version of Firefox.
I’m using Allegro Pro as well as Seranade themes and I’ve discovered something really weird.
When I preview my sites in Firefox, anything in extra content areas is really large. Way too large. It’s like double the size that it shows in Rapidweaver. But it all renders fine as it should look in Chrome and Safari.
I’ve used both the extra content stack, as well as just coding it into the side bar area.

For example, social icons across the top are about twice the size they should be, and if I use too many of them, they would break the header since they are so big.
When I used the extra content stack for text, the text is humongous.
But it all renders fine in Chrome and Safari.
I’m getting frustrated because I can’t build and test a site, and be confident that it works if firefox won’t display it properly. I’ve disabled every extension in my firefox to see if something was causing it, but it still does it.
I’m guessing it has to be something in firefox, since Chrome and Safari work fine. But the question is, is it just MY firefox, or would it be everyone’s firefox?

While I’m at it, I also can’t figure out how to change the background color in extra content areas either. There is no option in the themestyle or in the stack.
Thanks a bunch!