Fluid – New RapidWeaver Stack from Weavium 👏

@weavium I bought this mainly for the light mode / dark mode toggle. It would be cool if there was a fluid cookie stack, so that the toggle states could be remembered for the next visit?

You have some nice demos, but please make some instructional videos.

I’m a long time RapidWeaver and Stacks user, but I’m totally confused with these Fluid stacks. What make is worse is that in edit mode, there’s no solid blue outline of the stack that I’m working in, which makes it really difficult to see where to drop the next level container. Not only that, after ever edit, my page jumps back to the top and I have to search for the stack I was working in, and without the stack being highlighted, it is really annoying.

Hopefully with the help of some instructional videos, Fluid can be put to good use and not left to gather dust in the far corner of a hard disk.

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