Fluorescent theme "images issue"!

Hi, wondering why when inserting an jpg image to text, image will show x when preview? also same issue occurred with Endeavor theme. Snap shot illustrate what I mean. thanks

Little more info to help us out:

  1. What version of RapidWeaver?
  2. What version of the Stacks Plugin?
  3. Is this the standard Text stack that comes with the Stacks Plugin?

RW7 ver 7.0.2
Stack 3
standard text

Hmm, not sure. I do not have the Fluorescent theme to test on, but it works for me on the Endeavor theme:

I just noticed, you might not have added the html formatting to make the image left or right, so here is a screenshot with just adding the images in:

not sure either! I will keep testing with different image formats!

Do you have Stacks 3.1? Use the command-7 key combo to open the Addons Manager and do a search for Stacks. I have noticed that some people who had used a 3.0.x beta never got update notices, so maybe that is the issue.

yes it’s ver 3.1.0 and I’ve just doubled checked!