UK2 settings for FTP and RW publishing

(Nigel) #1


Can someone hosting with UK2 let me know what settings they have put in RW and/or and FTP client please? I can’t get a connection as yet using the FTP details and wondered if I had left something out…


(Nigel) #2

Sorted this. Look away now…

(Brian LaPan) #3

Since you’re the first post (I think I’ve seen) relating to UK2 it’d be GREAT if you posted your findings. Is there a specific mode/etc. that worked best for you?

(Nigel) #4

Hi Brian
Rapidweaver settings for publishing
The server was ‘my’ without .ftp at the beginning
Username for account and then 'public_html’
Mode - passive

Settings for Yummy FTP
Protocol - FTP
Server -
Password - enter that
Port - 21
Path - /public_html/

One issue I do have with UK2 is that my event calendar has been blocked as a security issue - waiting for that to be sorted