Footer Pro & RapidWeaver Footer Setup

Hey RapidWeaver family!

I wanted to share an app I just released “Footer Pro”, specializing in building professional website footers, with ease. There’s even ready-to-go footer templates (over 24+) to choose from, modeled after popular websites. With Footer Pro, I’m able to make the entire footer, from start to finish in 5 minutes or less - even with mobile formatting, that is Footer Pro!

I made FP because making quality website footers for clients has always a pain, and time consuming (more on “Why I made FP” here), but Footer Pro is truly a dream to use. Let’s cover a few RapidWeaver/Footer Pro items.

  • RapidWeaver Compatibility
  • RapidWeaver Framework Setup.
  • Footer Pro Pricing.
  • Limited “30% Off Forever” launch offer.

Footer Pro and RapidWeaver Compatibility

FP works great with RapidWeaver 7 and up :+1: I’ve tested this a lot myself. Important to note, Footer Pro is a cross platform website solution, meaning it’s not just for RapidWeaver, Footer Pro will also work beautifully with Wordpress, Shopify, etc. For example, Chet Collins used Footer Pro to create a footer for his RapidWeaver website: And… a footer for his /non-RapidWeaver/ personal blog website: Chet got all this setup in (no joke) 1 day!

Footer Pro and RapidWeaver Framework Setup

I released a newsletter announcing Footer Pro to my customers, and while many were excited to use FP, they wondered how setup Footer Pro with RapidWeaver, specifically the popular frameworks, like Joe Workman’s Foundation, Elixir Graphic’s Foundry, and my own Depth. Within this post, I wanted to share 3 walkthrough videos, showing how to setup Footer Pro for each RapidWeaver framework. :popcorn::clapper:

RapidWeaver Framework: Foundation

RapidWeaver Framework: Foundry (shown with egoMade project)

RapidWeaver Framework: Depth

You might be asking, “What about setup for my fill in blank theme?” That is covered too in the FP help documentation, just click on Help in the Footer Pro app, and search “RapidWeaver”.

Footer Pro Pricing, FREE and Unlocked.

I’ll keep this straight forward, Footer Pro is a FREE app. FP can be freely used to build a footer for your website, and then export that footer code to use in your RapidWeaver website.

That said, when using FP for free, you’ll notice some features are locked and/or limited. To unlock access to all Footer Pro features, you’ll need an Unlock Subscription, which is $59 (USD) a year. You can cancel this subscription at any time. *Exported footer code is always yours to keep, forever.*:ok_hand:

Limited “30% Off Forever” Launch Offer.

From now until December 4th, 2019… Early supporters of Footer Pro can subscribe using the coupon code “FPLAUNCH” to automatically get 30% off the standard subscription pricing, forever.

Learn more at: Footer Pro - Nick Cates Design

Thanks for reading, and happy weaving everyone!


Great job Nick! I love the online editor that you built for this… :star_struck:

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Big thanks sir Joe! Yes, very nice to not be held down by traditional Mac OS app UI. I can soar :eagle:

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As many of you know, I’m a heavy user of the RW Blog plugin. I have hundreds of posts and, while I’ve tried other blog solutions, the plugin is the right one for me.

One of my great frustrations in the past has been control over a universal footer. I’ve tried (and hacked) and gotten some solutions to work, but those hacks had unintended consequences. Other features would break and, try as I might, I couldn’t get the footer just right. There were too many limitations that I couldn’t overcome, even with the most creative use of Stacks.

Along comes Nick with Footer Pro. What’s great about the app is that it’s a HTML/CSS generator. I do all of my design/layout in the web app, and it spits out the exact code that I need. I drop it into Rapidweaver, and boom, I have the footer of my dreams across every single page, including all of my blog pages.

Another footer problem I’ve always dealt with was getting columns to display consistently across device sizes. No matter what I did, links would end up truncated at the margins of the columns. I’m not sure what FP does, but I no longer have that problem.

I also love the fact that this isn’t RW specific. I was able to drop the HTML/CSS into my hosted blog and I’m up and running.

It took me about an hour to get familiar with the tool and another hour to set up my template. After that, I was able to get my footers quickly deployed across all five of my websites.

Nick has also spent a lot of time writing a detailed help guide. It’s about as thorough as they come.

Having a nice footer can give your site the perfect polish. In my twelve years designing on the web, I’ve never found a tool this powerful, and this good.


Regarding RW integration, I assume that link paths would need to be known ahead of time and then manually entered into FP?

Yes. So the workflow would be:

  1. Build the website with RapidWeaver first, and publish it.
  2. Use Footer Pro after to finish the website with a proper footer.
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Gotcha. Thanks Nick!

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