Formloom not redirecting

(Barrie McDermid) #1

As the title suggests, my form loom page isn’t redirecting. My hosts have been pretty good at investigating the problem and I have sent @yabdab an email to ask for help.

As it’s the weekend, I was wondering if any of you clever people might be able to suggest anything that I might be able to do in advance.

The tech support at the hosting company have had this to say:

"I actually took the time to check your website code and I see that in your index file here:
The submit button on your form calls another php file here:
I reviewed it and located the redirect:
$fl[‘success_url’] = ‘…/Downloads/freedownloads/’;
This however doesn’t work. I tried to replace the relative path with the full URL, but that made no difference.
I also temporarily disabled mod_security for your account to see if it blocks the redirect, but that was not the case.
I looked through again, but no error was generated here. I even tried with a different PHP Version.

for any error_log, it seems from what I can tell the “index.php” file in the Downloads directory - if I fill out the form, the page just redirects but it’s not generating any error_log. This indicates a possible coding related problem, while it may have worked on the old host, they also could be using an out of date version or the form is making use of a function that isn’t enabled. Because it’s not generating an error_log, there’s almost no way to tell what it’s doing.
I assume it’s supposed to redirect after completing the form?
Is it possible to ask the developer/vendor of the plugin that should be redirecting what the issue could be and/or if it can generate an error_log?"

I’m not sure what most of that means or how it might relate to Formloom, so any suggestions are welcome.

Thanks in advance.

(Yabdab) #2

This issue was resolved via our support help desk.

(Barrie McDermid) #3

Apogees @yabdab . Thank you for sorting my silly error Mike! Would you prefer I delete this?

(Yabdab) #4

Up to you my friend :wink:

(Barrie McDermid) #5

Not sure how to delete? @dan please could you delete.

(LJ) #6

so glad others make daft errors. I’ve been a rapid-weaver for years and over 50 sites but sometimes I make the dummest of mistakes and waste some developer or anothers support time. Sigh.