Foundary paragraph stack

in foundary i add paragraph stack and then i want the text to white i can see and choose in page inspector color pick but the result i mean the text is black result why? anyone can help me

Hi there @ognali – Can you do me a favor and send me a ZIP file containing your project file so I can look at your settings? I suspect you’ve simply got something mis-configured as I regularly use the Paragraph stack with various colors.

Here it is.

(Attachment is missing)

how do i attach zip file . i try by email it says cant send this file

Best bet would be to put the file on something like Dropbox, and paste a link to the file on the forum. You might want to do that via a private message to Adam if you don’t want others to be able to download the file.

Just select Adams icon above and hit message.

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You’ll need to login to the forum in your browser instead of submitting your reply via email. When you do, you can send me a Direct Message on the forum with a download link, using something like Dropbox, or a similar service of your choice.

is there is any other way to chat with you?

Sure, you can send me a Direct Message here on the forum, you can email me (adam at elixirgraphics dot com), you can visit my website and submit a support ticket through the Support page, or post on the Elixir forum.

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