Foundation + Parallax help

I have a site for my parents’ business that I’ve built. I originally built it using Codex from Michael David Designs. Recently, though, I’ve been adding a couple of features/pages recently and it was easier to build those with Foundation. So, I’m trying to recreate the homepage with Foundation and am having a couple of minor formatting issues and wondering if anyone can be of assistance. (I’m not currently at my home/RW computer, so I can’t share setting screenshots right now, if that’s required).

Anyway, the original homepage that I’m trying to recreate is at The re-created one is here (it’s still very draft right now).

I’m attaching a few screenshots to help with my descriptions.

  1. The first issue is a little black bar below the 'Services" price list.
  2. The second is the text box that animates in promoting the new online store. It overlaps with the panel below it. If you grab the side of the browser and resize it any amount, it pops into its proper position. Havign to do that is not ideal but even when you do, it causes a different problem…
  3. After resizing, if you scroll to the top, there’s a black bar that appears above the menu. Again, resizing the browser at all will fix it but that will cause issue #2 to reappear.

Any ideas on why that is happening? (Any feedback/critique of the site is very welcome as well).

Issue 1:

Issue 2:

Issue 3:

Well, I seemed to have fixed it. In case anyone had a similar issue, I added a panel to the very top of the page and it did the trick. (At least on my Mac computer at home. I’ll have to try with the Windows one at work, where I noticed the issue)…