Foundation - Screens Error - 2 versions on server?

I just go tthe strangest error message (after not having worked on that particular Foundation site for months. I opened the RW6 project and when I tried to hit PREVIEW, it would not display the foundation/screens site but give me an error message:

Foundation has detected 2 versions of this webpage on the server.
… /index.html
It gives me a choice to remove either version from the server but that choice does not work. Nothing happens. When I delete all my site files manually from my server and upload again - I am still getting this error message.

This looks like a bug to me, since I did not change the Rapidweaver project file in months and the website was working fine last tiem I checked a few days ago.

I am I the only one getting this problem?

What version of foundation is the theme and all the stacks upto date
What version of RW
What is the OS of the sever.

I have a client insisting on a windows Server and it is a nightmare as its was set up by a crazy tech. Half the time I can’t publish updates the directories won’t let you in the other time I have to publish across two directories to get the site to work.

You can check all is upto date but check the server is not having issues.

Thanks, Scott.

I am using as my hosting server. I just had them delete everything, My account has been nuked. But I am still getting this error message.

So the problem seems to be on the Rapidweaver end of things. There is nothing on “the server”, but Rapidweaver is still telling me that Foundation found 2 versions of my site and cannot display a preview (within Rapidweaver!)

I am running the latest versions of everything, including Rapidweaver 6.3.8. I re-downloaded the Foundation-Theme. And all my stacks are up to date, including screens, which is also being used with this site. As I said - it worked fine a few days ago.

I guess it’s time to contact Joe Workman…

This is happening because you are the Flancrest theme, not the Foundation theme, see below:

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Thanks! I am not sure how the themes got switched around. But I am glad you caught this.

Hi I am getting the same error just started happening everything is up to date

Do you have a URL for us to take a look at??

it does it with both of these


Iain Sloan CPAGB



I cleaned out my webspace, upgraded to RW 7, started a new project and after adding just 2 pages and went to preview screen shot above must be something on my mac that is causing it.


Iain Sloan CPAGB


I have reverted back to my original website and it runs ok but when i try to add another page the error comes up Duplicate pages. I am stumped as to what i am doing that is causing the error


It only seems to happen when using Foundation