Foundation Theme & Tumblr stack

I’m adding a blog to a new Foundations site and so I grabbed the Tumblr stack. I had my friend create & post a blog on, I dropped the stack into my site, entered the tumblr domain, and I published the page. However it’s not showing up on the website.


Tumblr Domain:

Comment User:

Locale: en_US

Timezone: New_York

It could be a rookie mistake so please don’t assume anything!



It is there, but Tumblr changes the filename from index.hml to index.php
works great
You need to go on your server and remove index.html, RapidWeaver will not delete unused pages.

Worked like a charm. Thank you zeebee!

So on the Tumblr stack blog page, what is this camera icon for (it is not clickable), and really, how do I get rid of it?

Would need to see a link.

No camera icon on the original tumblr page:

Camera icon on the website page, in the same location, although not the same icon, as the stack:

Add this CSS Code to the page inspector on your blog page


This will remove the icons.