RW forgets Show/ Hide stack settings

(RW8.3, Stacks4.0.1, Foundry1.3x)

Hi and good day,

There seems to be an issue here with RW forgetting some stack settings, such as shown in the sreendump:
(It’s the Show/ Hide setting for different devices.)
In this case I’m using different kind of images (- sizes) for the devices.

This was consistent for all 20+ pages of the project.

Also RW 8.3 not very rarely becomes unresponsive, f ex when trying to select a stack, or it scrolls up to the top by itself??

What to do?


with best regards,

Omar K Neusser

Stockholm, Sweden

If you are running Stack 4.0.1, I would try the latest non-beta, which is 4.0.2. You can download it from YourHead’s website.

The controls you’re using to show and hide content are the built-in controls that Stacks provides to all stacks. I’m pretty sure that the breakpoints (screen widths) that Stacks uses for these are a bit different from the breakpoints Foundry uses. This may not be a problem for you, but if you use these show/hide settings along with other Foundry breakpoint settings (columns/grids etc.), you may run into some inconsistencies. You’re better off using the Visibility stack from the Foundry set.

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