Mega bundle Stacks DooBox

(Jan De Laere) #1

I bought the mega bundle stacks from DooBox last week.
Do I buy Stacks 3 to work with it?
Thanks. Have a nice day.

(Mark Sealey) #2

If you’ve bought stacks to run in RW, Yes, you need the Stacks add-on itself to run them in/on.

(Jan De Laere) #3

Hi Mark, thanks for your answer.
In fact, I want to know if it necessary to buy Stacks 3 to work with the Doobox Stacks in RW?
Or is there another way for the stacks add-on?

(Brian LaPan) #4

You’ll have to buy Stacks from to use any 3rd party stacks. As for which version you’ll need for the Doobox stacks you just purchased, you’ll need to check with Doobox on that. My guess is some may only be Stacks 3. But, I’m not sure.

(Doobox Software) #5

Some, not all of our stacks require Stacks version 3 to function. Each of our stacks demo pages displays the requirements for the stack.

(Jan De Laere) #6

Hi Mark
Thanks, I’m working with Stacks 3 and the mega bundle Doobox in RW, great.
But today I become an error message, I’ve made a copy and will try to post it.
How can I do this on the forum?

(Mark Sealey) #7


You can post an image (of the error message which you received) by single-clicking on the seventh icon from the left in the editor. It’s an up-facing arrow over a horizontal black line with an indentation:

(Jan De Laere) #8

Hi Mark,
yes I see.
The other problem is by publishing my site
I can’t dowload my pdf file that are linked on my page.

(Mark Sealey) #9


I suggest you contact Doobox directly. Maybe even ask them to look at this thread.

The error in your uploaded grab seems to be associated with a graphics file in Stacks. Have you/had you moved any graphics files around ‘manually’ outside of RapidWeaver? That might possibly cause such an error, perhaps.

If you post the URL of the page with the PDFs here, we can look at it and see if we can maybe find out why you’re unable to download them.

Good luck!

(Jan De Laere) #10

Hi Mark,
as you said, one Stack (but I don’t know which one) cause
problem. So I started the project again. Now everything is fine.
I’m looking now to resolve the problem with True Download 2 Stack by Doobox.


(Mark Sealey) #11

Good to hear, Jan! Good luck!