FTP in RW6.4 uploading all the files - SOLVED

I haven’t been using RW since some time, but recently I am publishing again. Before FTP would only upload the changed files. This made it for me very rapid and easy to use. Once in a while I would upload all the files.

But now, I have RW 6.4, the ftp uploads the complete website and thus all the files <200, which takes 5 minutes per time, as I am on Internet via satellite connection.

Where can I change these settings?

I don’t believe you can.
RW uploads any/all files it thinks have changed automatically.

You do have some options:
you can mark all pages as unchanged (click “mark all pages as changed” while holding the option key)
you can right click on any page and publish just that page (also mark as changed etc.)

You may just need to Save your project so RW knows what the status is.
Also if you add/delete any pages that changes the navigation so all pages will be marked as changed.


Yep, that does the trick. Thanks Scott Williams.

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