FTP problems with Hostpapa addon domain

I have just moved to Rapidweaver from Dreamweaver. I have been running a website on Hostpapa on an addon domain for the past few years but when I try to publish my new Rapidweaver site I run into problems. Is anyone else using Hostpapa that might be able to help?

to answer my own post: although the site files were published, there was constant error 403. The index file could not be found in the Root. I found the answer by looking carefully at the Page Inspector details of the ‘home page’ and I had missed the folder naming option which also provided an option of a ‘/’ if you want that file in the Root. :smile:

Hello - glad you resolved your issue. Not related but since you are new to RW, Are you using Stacks plugin? Most RW users consider it an almost mandatory addon. If you don’t have it you should check it out. And learn about Partials in Stacks. It will save you a lot of time and work.

Hi Greg,
yes, I am experimenting with the whole setup, including Stacks. It is a very different environment from Dreamweaver and much easier to adapt. I am also hoping to add CMS capability for those areas of the site that need frequent editing. I gather, from another thread, that EasyCMS is probably the stack to try. I think the watershed was really getting up and running with the new setup and now I can try out other things with more confidence!!:smile:
best wishes

I don’t use a CMS. I alone maintain the sites I’m involved with and I use my MBP when I travel.

I used Dreamweaver years ago. I have used it’s utilities in conjunction with RW. When I was given this very poorly maintained 1500 page site I downloaded it to my local disk and used Dreamweaver to find broken (unlinked) pages and other issues That was with RW v5. Rapidweaver is short on tools like that but they improve with each release.

Know that RW doesn’t delete the file from the server when you delete a page from the project (or rename). So FTP is your friend for maintenance. Also, 3rd party link checkers and such. RW now has some of these tools but my largest project is in 6 RW project files and there is no cross checking between projects. (ie: It never sees my site as a “whole.”

What draws me more and more to RW is the creativity of all the 3rd party stack and plugin developers.