RW and Hostmonster Publishing Nightmare, plz HRLP!

So have been using RW and ‘Hostmonster’ as my web host for a few years now with absolutely no issues when it comes to uploading my website from RW.
Currently running RW 7.3 and Im not sure if it was when upgrading to RW 7 or after Hostmonster made some changes their end. But uploading my websites has been an absolute nightmare! :frowning:

I have spent hours and hours with tech from Hostmonster via chat as well as on the phone to even figure out the right credentials for uploadingmy website. And finding the right path… as the files always seamed to want to create a new folder within the ‘Public_html’ called ‘Public_html’. So finally it seams like I can upload my main website using an IP address for the ‘Server’ and just a / as the ‘Path’.

But now I cant seam to upload any of my sub-domains or other websites connected to my Hostmonster account.
Why is it so hard to find the right path? What is the correct way to do this? is there anyone out there using Hostmonster?

Please help me I am at the end of it!

Well, I’m not using Hostmonster, but I would try to export the website to a local folder and then to upload it manually with filezilla. If this works, using local export with yummy FTP watcher might be a workaround…
If there still appear any errors because of the folder names -> manual multi-rename with bbedit or sublime text or any other ide

The publishing path depends on the username you use for ftp. These are all related. The website has a document root that you have to publish into. The ftp account t has a home folder that, for security, the ftp account is able to access. Therefore depending on what these settings are on your host would set the publishing path.

I know that’s broad but I hope ithelps. They should be able to guide you given your publishing settings.


i was having the same problem just now with hostmonster. i changed the “Publishing Method” to FTPS, the in the drop down menu for “Mode” i chose "Extended Passive (Default) and in the drop down menu “Use SSL for” i chose “Nothing.”

everything is working perfectly again. hope this helps.

That’s great to hear…
The path I am using now is just ’ / ’ and it seams to be working well.