FTP upload problems

My site uploads to my remote web server but the site does not show up. Where locally do the files reside.
and which ones are needed to populate

You’ll have to look at your host and see what is there.

I would suggest exporting the site to your Sites->YourProject to see which files you are supposed to have, then, using an FTP client, you can upload them in toto that way.

Provided this is 6.3.5 you are having trouble with:

You might also try going into RapidWeaver’s Publishing preferences, setting the Max Concurrent Connections to 1. Then go into the Site Publishing Settings, click on the little gear, and change the mode to Passive or Active (your choice).

Then repub your site.

6.3.5 is experiencing seemingly random FTP issues that RW is hard-at-work trying to track down and correct.

If you want the local files you will need to do an export site from the files menu on rapidWeaver. You would specify the folder you would want to export the site in. Then you could use an FTP client to export.

Don’t know were you are hosting but most have a file manager panel function, I would check to see if your site exported from within the publish function in RW first.

make sure you have the publishing setup correct to go to the proper directory on your host (/www as an example).