Full width background image auto updating monthly - doable?


I’n scratching my head on this. I have a home page design that reeds a large, full width background image to auto update with a fresh image each month.

I’m imagining the images would sit on the server and be called off one by one.

Does anyone have a great stack suggestion or idea of how to achieve this?

Any suggestions really welcome!


Does it need to be done automatically? If you used something like Easy CMS, you could easily login to a hidden url, drop a new image into the image well, and it would be updated. Would take all of a minute, I bet. Initial setup would be pretty quick as well.

You may be able to set up something like Expiry (https://stacks4stacks.com/expiry/) to show and hide images based on date but it seems like a time-consuming setup (and I’m not all that familiar with the stack.

@labanbrown You should definitely take a closer look at the recently updated AdvancedPublisher 4 stack. This sounds like it would be perfect for what you want:

I envisage that you could use AdvancedPublisher to setup a whole series of different banner images, and set one to display each month. You could either use images dragged and dropped into RapidWeaver or warehoused images. Once setup, the system would work all by itself.


Thanks chaps - those are both top ideas! I’ll check them out. Cheers