Lightbox image stack with fixed size thumbnails

Anyone know a simple Image lightbox stack where the thumbnail is a set ratio? Image Pop from Doobox (now deprecated I think) is very close but constrains the thumbnail to a Square only - I need a rectangle.

The problem is I get a number of screengrabs from a client which are unavoidably different ratios - all rectangular but one will be 1000x566px and another 1000x598px etc. The different sizes don’t matter when enlarged, but If they are all equally scaled down, the thumbnails are untidy because they don’t align well. I can stretch/ squeeze the original images to a uniform size but this is not ideal.

Finally, as they sit in various chunks of text, I don’t really want a gallery - individual stacks are best.

Any thoughts welcomed thanks.

Try @willwood ‘s :grinning: or

Not this one I’m afraid. Needs to be a pop up individual lightbox rather than a gallery and thumbnails are not constrained ratios

Are the thumbnail images all landscape orientation, or do you have a mixture of landscape and portrait?

I would consider a simple thumbnail crafted from some HTML and CSS. The thumbnail could be set to act as a link and open a lightbox when clicked. CSS has some useful background sizing options - like constrain and contain - which could be ideal to use.

You would have to anticipate the vertical or horizontal of the thumbnail image getting cropped-out of view. Ultimately something has to be cropped, if you don’t want to squash (distort) them to fit.


They are all landscape but with varying ratios - occasionally close to square. The reason being that they are screengrabs of software programs and are ‘grabbed’ to fit the particular graph or whatever is being highlighted.

As you say, thumbnail cropping is inevitable if the thumbs are to be aligned, and that’s not a problem within reason. Where we have an issue with the square thumbs in Image Pop, is that the cut off is occasionally too much - as you would expect going from rectangle to square.

I didn’t get it fully. Shall each thumbnail respect its ratio or shall they all be broken down to a fixed ratio?

Thumbnails need to be uniform and therefore fixed ratio. Enlarged images in lightbox should show at their original ratio. Some cropping in thumbnail is inevitable but that’s OK so long as the thumbnail is a fixed rectangular ratio rather than square as I have currently with the Image Pop stack. Image Pop would be perfect if it had a ‘rectangular thumbnail’ option to complement the default ‘square’.

If you can message or email me some sample images to have a play with, I’ll take a look at this later today for you.

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