General settings override and 404 error

Hi, I’m using RW 8.9.3 and have a couple of head scratchers in the general settings for my site that I’m updating. Can someone please help? I would be so happy to finish this project. I have yet to test it other than through chrome preview. Thanks!!

  1. Is there a way to make the title stay larger than the slogan in mobile previews. It does appear larger in the desktop preview which I like.
  2. I’d like the slogan to have a superscripted ® but it remains the same size as the rest of the copy (despite typesetting as option R). Is there a way to override this?
  3. In the footer, the link to Privacy-Page gets a 404 error message. Wondering how to remedy this. I got help a couple of years ago with a similar issue but after rereading and double checking, I think I’ve gotten as far as I can get. I have included the code below from the general settings as well and a screenshot of the settings for reference.
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Most if not all of what you’re asking can probably be done. But we are going to need more to give help.

The best would be a URL to a published version of the site you’re having issues with.

  1. Making the title larger on mobile will vary from theme to theme. A URL would make it pretty easy for someone to give the code that you need to make this happen.
  2. Again, a URL would help. However, assuming you are entering the text into the Slogan area, you could something like this: Replace the ⌥OptR with the following: <span style="vertical-align: super; font-size: 70%;">®</span>. The R is still the option r but we are changing the styling. You might want to play around with the 70% value on the font-size.
  3. A 404 means the page isn’t being found. Without a URL that we can examine the footer link it’s hard to say what happened. Since I don’t know where the link in the footer came from, my guess is you have a typo.

Thank you, I’ll give your code a whirl and will publish a URL and post it here. Now gotta figure how to publish it without overriding my original site until I’m ready.

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