How to get rid of this Privacy Terms logo

Hello RW developers,

Just launched a test site and I noticed this Google powered privacy terms logo showing up…


Any idea how to get rid of that?

Thanks for your time!


A URL would be helpful

Thank you for your help. I am so sorry: The site is in test-version and contains some info that is not ready for general sharing so the site is behind a lock right now. However, here are some screenshots that may clarify…


Looks like you’ve inserted some Google code onto the page but without a URL it’s almost impossible to offer any advice.

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Thanks. Is there a way to share the site unlocking code with you in some kind of one to one communication?

Is there a way I can privately share with you the site unlocking code?

Click on his name and use the Message feature of the forum. Messages are private.

Thank you!

Hi Jimmy,

yes, there’s a whole chunk of Google code on the page. Seems to be part of something called a Constant Contact Inline Form?

Looks like you’ve got a Constant Contact Active form - which I assume is the one visible on the page - and then this other form which includes the RECAPTCHA code. Did you try and use a different form on the page when you were building it and then decide against it perhaps?

Or maybe it’s an option in Constant Contact that you forgot to remove? I’d have a snoop around the different bits of RW where you can insert code (the site wide settings and the settings sidebar) and see if there’s anything there that shouldn’t be.

HTH a bit.


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Hello Rob,

Thank you so much. I am sure that will help more than a bit. On it right now.


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