What FTP client software does everyone use?

I’ve been using Fetch for years but recently have had a few problems with it so am looking for alternatives. Just out of interest what does everyone use here and would you recommend it?

I’ve been using Transmit for years. It is very easy to use and full of handy features.


I’ve been using transmit for years and never had a problem.


Using ForkLift, and just upgraded to the new Versio 3. Is more than a ftp-client, and can be used as a full replacement for Finder.

Ive been with Yummy FTP for a while and works great.
The 3 big boys… Transmit, Yummy FTP, Forklift.
As EricW says, Forklift has a bit more to it.

ForkLift 3 has a winter sale going on now for 50% off.

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Yummy FTP here. Very good.


Trasmit! The best FTP software I have ever used. Has a very neat app that sticks to the menu bar that allows me to very quickly open up the servers as Finder windows on my desktop, works in the background, doesn’t even need to open up the main app.

Transmit and Cyberduck on Mac. However, I’m going to be setting up https://www.monstaftp.com/
that combined with http://liftoffsoftware.com/Products/GateOne for SSH will be a nice cloud setup. I use GateOne now and like it.

Transmit 5 Brilliant client.



Showing my age here, but I’ve used Fetch for well over twenty years. I purchased Transmit and Forklift a few years back, but for whatever reason, have stuck with Fetch. Works great for me in High Sierra.

I’m using Cyberduck but it is working less well than it used to. Have been trying out Filezilla but a bit nervous using it as it looks way more complicated.

What is versio 3 please. I can not locate any information about it on a google search other than for broadcast

I think he means Version 3 of Forklift

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Of course. my bad literally.
Zeb Ernest

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I also had recent problems with Fetch, switched to Yummy FTP Pro.

Using Transmit, and got Yummy FTP Pro if need though so far haven’t had need for it.

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Yummy FTP Pro on Xmas sale for £2.99 (was £28.99) - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/yummy-ftp-pro/id492068728?mt=12&ign-mpt=uo%3D4

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That’s a ruddy bargain.

Thanks for all the replies it’s good to know what everyone uses. I’ve gone for Yummy FTP Pro just because of the on-sale price and recommendations £2.99 is very cheap. Thanks for the link @DaveFox