Google map stack with no limit on markers

(Gary Loch) #1

I recently purchased the excellent Map 2 stack from DooBox but have just discovered that there is a Google set API limit of 10 markers. We’re using the map to show the location of campsites in the UK. We don’t need driving directions etc., just the location pin with a pop up, just like it is shown here: There won’t be hundreds - but there could be 40-50 spreading out from west Wales. Is there a map stack out there that can enable this number of markers?


(Chet) #2

I bumped into this, too. I think its a Google problem as opposed to a stack problem.

(Gary Loch) #3

I know you’re right but just wonder whether there is another solution. I’ve seen maps with literally hundreds of markers on (impossible to use unless filtered).

For example this one:

(Paul Russam) #4

It’ll work with a lot more than 10, I can’t show anything currently but I’ve got 48 markers with no problems. You can simply copy/paste the child stack and change the lat,long for each one. I only stopped at 48 because I got bored :slight_smile:

(Gary Loch) #5

I’ve been using address and postcode. Would that have made a difference?

(Chet) #6

That’s right. I got up to 14. Used postal addresses in the Map 2 stack.

(Felix Tang) #7

Hello i would suggest this for you:

(Roberto Tremonti) #8

You can add hundreds or thousands of markers to a Google Maps.
Google applies limitations on reverse geocoding functionalities, like routes and address-based marker positioning.

I don’t know Map 2 stack but you can bypass the problem by using coords-based positions (if the stack lets you use them).

(Gary Loch) #9

Thanks Rob. Map 2 stack allows long/lat coordinates but also has routes - which we don’t really need. I’ll see if it plays happy with the coordinates rather than the address/postcode.

(Doobox Software) #10

Hey guy’s, sorry I am late to this thread. @rob is right, Googles location limit only applies to locations that are generated from an address (geocoding). If you use the alternate method that Map 2 stack allows (lat long cords), then you are no limited to 10 map pins.

(Gary Loch) #11

Seems to be working when I use lon/lat coordinates. Thanks Rob!

(Doobox Software) #12

Anyone needing more than 10 pins on their map using the Map 2 stack should select this option in the locations stacks that are added to the map, which will switch the location from address based to lat long based : (see image)…
You can convert an address into a lat long cord here, if you need to :

(Gary Loch) #13

I can confirm that Map2 stack is working nicely with lon/lat coordinates:

Thanks everyone!