Great solution for easy blogs, podcasts and galleries

I’m using a combo of Poster Stack and Repository from inStacks Software as a great solution for blogs, podcasts and even image galleries.

For me personally it’s very useful for podcasts and generates a lovely rss feed for iTunes, Amazon and others - you just have to be aware of your bandwidth usage if you’re hosting on your own website - podcasts eat a load of bandwidth.

Repository gives you password protected folders so that you - or your customers can simply drag and drop content onto a page to instantly post on a Poster stack blog, it works a dream.

Here’s an example of a very simple and quick gallery site using Poster stack that I made for a friend.

He literally drops his content onto a Repository page and it publishes - fab!

Jannis who runs Instacks is incredibly helpful if you get stuck - I had a bit of trouble early on with curly quotes in my rss feed - they’re best avoided!


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