Grid content not rendering correctly in RW7

Have I hit on a bug? I’ve tried several different grid stacks and tested in an otherwise blank project. The grid content repeats rather than showing what it should - see screenshots.

Double click on each image and check the Filename. I know I sometime dup things and sometimes even if you drop in a new image the old Filename is retained. This indeed causes the wrong image to show.

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Without a link to the site we can’t check the image names. :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, I think this will likely come down to some specific detail of the settings on the page. I’d recommend deleting everything but two images that display incorrectly, sending just that page to


No file names. Are they necessary?

Rapidweaver will assign a long alphanumeric name if you don’t. But I always do my own names as it’s best to have a meaningful filename and “alt” name. (For search engines) See #1 and #2 on THIS PAGE which I present as random help (first return in google).

Plus, if you copy and paste (duplicate) stacks with images you can be sure each name is different so the proper image displays.

Thanks Greg. Assigning a file name to each image fixed the issue. it was pertinent to both RW6 and RW7.

Great. Glad that fixed it for you. Done it myself many times.

@Isaiah… you might want to look into this. Of course, the name should be changed by the user for SEO purposes but if not, a duplicated image seems to retain filename of old image even if new image dropped in.