Has RW7 Given Analytics Code Section a Lobotomy?

I’ve spent hours, but think I found the cause of my problem with RW7. Here Goes:

Problem: When publishing a page, the header image and some H1 formatting gets totally munched.
Background: Converting a file from RW6 to RW7 creates this problem. There is absolutely nothing else that is changing. But when I publish the same file from RW7, it does not appear the same.

I believe the problem is here: When converting the RW project file into RW7, the analytics code is being duplicated into BOTH the header and the body. Same code in both places. But it gets worse:

  • Removing all the code, from both places, doesn’t fix the problem. When I republish the entire project, RW still has all the analytics code. It’s like RW7 gave the ‘code’ section a lobotomy.

Can anyone else reproduce this? Try this: Remove your analytics code and publish DIRECTLY the your host (this problem does not exist if I publish locally). Is the code still there?


Fixed… The problem exists that RW does seem to be duplicating the analytics code. But the reason it wasn’t updating when I changed it was due to an error in the path within the FTP settings. So, by doing the following:

  • Removing the analytics code and republishing all files. Then, adding the code back in correctly seems to have fixed the problem.

So, might be a good idea to check both your Head and Body for the same code.