Hello everybody

I use Rapidcart 8 and I am renewing my website and fill in all my new products.
In the beginnig no problems i vieuw my carts and seems to be ok.
But now i lost my pictures on my pages.
and on the cards.
All the pictures from recourses seems not linked, i see them all in recources.

Maybe it has to do with this in the help pages.
If you’ve upgraded to RapidWeaver 8, double check your File Links are: option in RapidWeaver advanced project settings. Set it to default Relative to Page and republish.

Where is it i can’t find this knob?

Another Question
I like to pay the rapidbot plugin 3 an update from 2
But i never used Stripe and always pay by bakaccount, I can’t find how to pay.

Who is able to help me?
From fourground maybe?



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