Onedrive don't let me open RW files

Hi all,
thanks for looking at this.
When I try to open RW files from my Onedrive it says I don’t have the permission. Checking all of the info I am allowed to open, but it doesn’t work.
If I try to enter Onedrive via the browser the files don’t appear as RW files ( I know originally its a package) and I can’t open them from there either.
Also when I try to copy it says it can’t open because all of the plist files (for every page! ) are non existent (they get a new name…).

Anybody can help? Some days ago I could easily open RW files directly from my onedrive through double clicking on it
see screenshots also

Never ever store project files in the cloud. They will be damaged. Maybe you can copy them back to your Mac and try to open them after you have copied them. Or try to save the open file structure as a zip file and then change .zip to .rw8

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@apfelpuree I’ve been storing RW projects in iCloud without any problems for a few years. That said, relying on only one way to backup/access files is playing with fire. Perhaps nothing bad will happen, but …

@capetom … so what to do? @apfelpuree has some good suggestions. For the future I would also recommend taking advantage of RW’s built in backup option to your server. This is free, works great … and let’s consider how it works: first your project file is compressed into a zip file, then uploaded to your server. So as mentioned by @apfelpuree having a zip version is really useful: even RealMac uses this approach.

While I generally trust iCloud I also make sure to compress my project file once in awhile and put that zipped version on iCloud also. You can’t have too many backups.

Thanks Michael,
tried that. When opening the duplicated file the message with the missing plist files comes up. I can change the names of all plist files manually… but…a lot of work for every page. I was hoping there would be another way. Other RW projects on Onedrive are opening fine actually.

You may have a backup anywhere. What about a Time Machine Backup?

I hab these problems several times with customers who stored their project files uncompressed in a cloud. Sometimes we were able to restore the projects, but in most cases that didn’t work.

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