Kinfolk Theme - “Get In Touch” Banner

Hi there,

Having bought this theme several weeks ago, I’m finding the instruction guide unhelpful. Support seems non-existent.

The current problem I’m having is with regard to the banner at the top of the Kinfolk demo page which says ‘Get in touch’. I can’t seem to duplicate this on my page.

Any help would be great!


I don’t have that theme. From the instructions . It appears to be an Extra Content Area 8. Is this a stacks page? You can use the Extra Content Stack. If not a stacks page then here are the instructions.

The EXTRA CONTENT #8 area is located at the top of the page on the right-hand side, next to the social icons on this page with the words GET IN TOUCH. To utilize this built-in extra content area, please use the following instructions for proper implementation.

  1. Place the following code in a stacks container or the content area of the page. If you are using extra content stacks, you can simply use an extra content stack and label it extra content area #8. (For the Blog page the code can be placed in any blog entry. For the Contact page the code can be placed in the customizable text area of the the page. For the photo page the code can be placed in the description area of the page).
 `<div id="myExtraContent8">Sample Content</div>`
  1. Simply replace Sample Content with your own content.
  2. Highlight the entire code and click Clear Formatting, then Ignore Formatting under Format at the top left of your screen. The code will have a pink background if successful.
  3. Your content will display.
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Thanks, but these are the instructions from the Kinfolk demo page that I’ve already tried. These do not help.

Is it a stacks page?
I only have one MD Theme; the Extra Content area seems to work Okay.

Hopefully, someone will come along that has that theme. Perhaps a screenshot of the EC stack would help.

Alright - I’ve figured it out. It all came together once I installed the Social Media Icons.

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