Need theme that's similar to classic Caribou but responsive

I’m building a small university research lab site for someone who likes Caribou. Any recommendations for a similar theme that’s responsive? Thanks.

The best option would be to look through the Themes section of Realmacs addons page.

The other option is to use a Frameworks based theme like Joe Workman’s Foundation Theme and stacks but these do cost three times the price of a single theme but give you the ability to build your own theme pretty much as you like it to look. It is a steep learning curve but pretty addictive to be honest.

There are other similar Frameworks like UIKit (very new but great), Pure (not as much development going on), Bootstrap (waiting for the next version so pretty old now), all are pretty flexible and give you a blank canvas to work with.

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Media might work.

And there’s a free demo so you can try it out and see,.



Thanks very much! This may well work. And I’ll take a look at for other possible themes.



Thanks for your reply. Yes, I’m learning Bootstrap (starting next week),
so that may be the best option. Just need to be patient until I’m
proficient enough to begin building a theme.


If you’re that way inclined, you’ll also find that many of Will’s themes have support for Bootstrap baked in.