HELP! Re-installing Rapidweaver Classic

I had to have the battery and keyboard replaced on my MacbookPro and they recommended wiping the hard drive and doing a fresh install of all my software to fix a crashing issue they thought was software-related. Apple recommended NOT using the time machine backup and just starting fresh. I redownloaded Rapidweaver classic and reinstalled and reconnected it to my addons folder (which is on Dropbox and has always been and has always worked perfectly - because I have Rapaidweaver on my desktop and laptop they share the addons folder in Dropbox) I cannot open any of my client files I keep getting all kinds of errors - I need to get back to work so I have to get this resolved asap. I am using Rapiweaver Classic, Stacks 5, and Foundry - my computer is on Monterey 12.7.4 (can’t be upgraded past that. :frowning: boo!) I’ve been using Rapiweaver since it came out and I have literally thousands of stacks. Please advise. Thanks !! Lois

What kind of errors are you seeing? Can you share some screenshots?

Maybe try moving your addons folder back to your Mac, then connecting RapidWeaver Classic to that local addons folder, and see if you can open your project files without getting any errors. If all is well you can try moving the addons folder back to Dropbox and connecting RapidWeaver Classic to it again to test.

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