Help with link settings...Checkout Stack issue I think?

(Scott Frankel) #1

Hi all,

I am having an issue on one page on my draft site…the Payments page where I am using Check Out stack by Yuzoolthemes.

The links in the footer and other sections of this page are appearing not as set in the inspector. They have a white background and blue text but this is not what I have set.

The footer is a Partial and all other pages on the site are appearing correctly. But just this Payments page has gone weird…??

I’m not sure if it has something to do with Check Out stack as this is basically the only major difference on this page to all the others.

This occurred today, it wasn’t happening until today and there weren’t any updates to these stacks or other major changes.

After it started happening, I totally rebuilt the offending page from scratch and deleted the first instance of the offending payment page but it still does the weird link colouring.

I have republished this site a few times and restarted RW a few times but still happening.

I have also duplicated the offending page and deleted the Check Out stack and the links all looks good…link here…

So it must be the CheckOut stack causing the issue…any thoughts please?? There are no link settings in the CheckOut stack.

Thanks once again for all your advise and help.

(Doug Bennett) #2

Looks as if the checkout stack has some css in place to change anchors.

try adding this to the pages CSS:

#stacks_in_p7_n3_page14 a {
    background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0);

(Isaiah Carew) #3

Yes, it looks like it’s the Checkout stack (OK, I’m not 100% sure – but I think it’s a solid first guess). I’m not sure who this stack is created by, but you should report this problem to the developer. It’s easy to see (if you are a developer) that there are a couple obvious bugs:


  1. (the square) This %[endif]% is a construct that should never appear in the published output. It looks as if the CSS file has an unbalanced Stacks API conditional.

  2. This stack is styling many basic things like p and p a this will affect the styles of many things outside of it’s own stack. That’s A-OK for a “framework” system like Foundry or Foundation – but’s it’s usually a mistake many other stacks. The usual way to style these would be to limit those styles to just inside of the one stack on the page. But this is why things are looking crazy around that page.

@teefers has a good stop-gap workaround while waiting for the real solution. But this will only partially fix the problem – and won’t help others who are using this stack too. The real solution is to report this to the developer and have them fix it once and for all – so that it fixes all the problems and for everyone else that uses the stack too. :slight_smile:

The developer will probably need a copy of your RW file (or really just this page – or any page that has the problem). But it may be that this bug only shows up when the stack is configured a specific way. With a copy of your file the developer will be able to instantly recreate the problem on his machine and fix it easily.

If the developer baulks at fixing the bug, please show them this thread and tell them to come talk to me on the developer Slack channel and I can help them tidy this up. It will only take a few minutes.

(Scott Frankel) #4

Hi Doug and Isaiah,

Thanks guys for the help…I’ve dropped that css into the offending page but didn’t fix the issue on the footer links but at least on the cookie acknowledgement Gateway the link on that doesn’t have the wrong colouring.

Any other ideas guys???

Interestingly, this issue wasn’t happening a couple of days ago…it has only just started yesterday even though the Checkout stack was on the page.

I will get in contact with Yuzoolthemes the developer of Checkout.

Cheers Scott

(Isaiah Carew) #5

I suspect the error I highlighted in red is only set off when a certain combination of settings are selected or certain things are present in the site or environment. It’s impossible to guess what it might be. It could be something as innocuous seeming as the page name or even just the date.

My guess is that whatever that condition is it’s not something you noticed had changed, but it happened recently and triggered the error.

@yuzool is probably completely unaware of the issue and will likely appreciate the bug report.


I’m away from my Mac for a few hours, but I’d maybe try this tiny modification to that patch?. :crossed_fingers:

also: Remember to remove this when a real update comes from the stack developer.

#stacks_in_p7_n3_page14 p a {
    background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0);

(Doug Bennett) #6

Sorry I missed that, I saw the one white background (cookie acknowledgment) and didn’t see the footer.
As @isaiah pointed out this is a workaround, and only for that page. Once @yuzool fixes the stack then remove this CSS.


#stacks_in_p16_n14_page14 a,
#stacks_in_p7_n3_page14 a {
    background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0);

(Michael Frankland) #7

Thanks for the email @scottjf - just sent you an update and with some changes and if it works - we can send that out :slight_smile:

(Isaiah Carew) #8

There should an emoji for passing the baton – teamwork done right. :raised_hands:

Anyway, love it when solutions come together like this – even though we’re all separated by continents, thousands of miles and several time zones.

(Michael Frankland) #9

This seems to have worked so will push out the update in the next few days.

Thanks @scottjf for helping test this :slight_smile:

(Scott Frankel) #10

Thanks Michael and all for helping with a temporary work around and also the final fix.

Love this forum, it really makes using and creating with RW a pleasure…sometimes with hiccups but it’s fun finding a fix too.

Cheers Scott

(steve) #11


I want to add a checkout to my site but for customers to access to pay their invoices, so I want the user to enter the following:
-Invoice No.
-Amount to be debited (So there is not a fixed amount as in subscriptions etc)

Is this possible with checkout?


(Scott Frankel) #12

Hi Steve,

Yes, I agree and would love this option too.

Hopefully it is something that might be possible and Michael could add in.

Cheers Scott

(Michael Frankland) #13

Thanks Steve! Great idea :slight_smile:

​Not at the moment, it’s fixed amounts only! But that’s something we could add in the near future.

​For what you are requesting, please use Stripe Stack

​You can also add a field for other info too like invoice number etc.

Using that would be a solution for now

Shout out to Yuzool re Stripe stack
Donation Page using Stripe
(system) #14

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